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What is the PTA?

The PTA exists to identify the needs of all students, the school, its families and community. Together we find the ways to provide each student a safe environment with the best teachers, tools and resources to meet those needs and unlock success in every child.

Why should I join the PTA?

Join for your child!  It's all about them—enhancing their experience and education.   The school can only do so much with the funds it has so we supplement, enhance and advocate where necessary.

How do I become a class parent or organizer?

First, you must become a Euclid PTA member.  You can do this by joining memberHub (see our Membership tab above) and paying to be a general or premium member.  Then, you will receive further information about class organizers.  Don't be afraid to communicate your desire to be a class organizer!

Do I have to participate in ALL these fundraisers?

No.  Pick and chose the fundraisers that best suit you and your family.  Remember, the money raised by the PTA goes back to our kids and school community, so any participation in fundraisers will help our school!

PTA Members

Meet our officers


Amanda Carullo


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